Alabaster Treasure Chest

I shot this for a client. She has a bath & body business selling shower gels, bath sprays, and after shave splashes– usually all natural products. Shot with Canon EOS Rebel Tsi and frame creation using Picassa.


Photographers aren’t the only ones looking for ways to use social media tools that help understand the back story of social media marketing activity.  Numerous tools exist that help gauge influence (Klout Score), TwentyFeet (analyzes social media ego) or PostRank (analytical measurement which has been acquired by Google.)  PostRank is now known as Google Analytics as of 2009, since Google recognized the importance of social media reporting.

Photo on the wall

As a blogger, Google Analytics are more accessible to me because this reporting tool tells the story of my complete online behavior.  Blogging, Twitter and Facebook updates, etc. tell the story of a business.  It’s a story that the business has control over as it tells it, but this analysis also tells the story of how others see that business.  That’s why TwentyFeet and Google Analytics Social Reports are so valid.  These tools exist to create a firms’ social currency, that is, to create a worth on the Tweets, blogging, Facebook status updates and interactions which determine how well the groundswell reacts.

Table decorations

The service TwentyFeet, tracks multiple social media accounts and provides historical performance reports from the data obtained. A free account with TwentyFeet gives you one Facebook and one Twitter account to be tracked, while paid accounts allow a business to export the data for further analysis and internal team reporting.

Google Analytics offers a well rounded measurement tool that not only provides insight into your social media activity, but also evaluates the path of social sharing of your updates and tweets.  “Learn which sources refer engaged visitors;” and “discover what your visitors are sharing and where they’re sharing.”  An invaluable tool if your company wants to fully take advantage of social media marketing tools.

Photographers can use this data to determine the types of photos that are generating the most social buzz and then take more types of photos like this if that is the direction a photo-blogger wants to pursue.  Sometimes artistic creations do not lend to the masses and focus rather on a niche or photographic specialty, however the option to serve the customer exists within the data obtained from social media measurement tools.