Elisha and Corliss Cole

Shot at a marriage retreat in 2012. This couple was celebrating their union.


As a photographer, I’m always looking for a way to share my work.  I started off using Photobucket, then discovered Flickr, now there is Instagram.  However, the thing that bothers photographers below the surface is if their work is protected, and how do you combat unauthorized shares and the use of your work?

Of course, you can always create and embed a watermark in your photos, but I’ve never seen that stop anyone.  I usually put ‘Photos by LaTease’ or ‘-031061-‘ as a marker on my photos.  As a web savvy individual, I’ve learned that any photo or graphic can be ‘swiped’ if someone wants it bad enough.  So the question I’ve been debating, is how can Instagram help expand my audience and grow acceptance within the masses?

Flickr is usually for photographers, it’s where we go to hang out and showcase our work.  Think of it as a coffee shop in some little quaint village filled with other creative types talking photo stuff, that’s what Flickr is to me.  While Instagram (@teasastips) is like a true amateur photo hangout where photos are assisted with apps like Textgram for photos shot with a smartphone, (which allow photographers to add text and snazzy sayings to their work.)  In the beginning I avoided Instagram because I thought it was a chintzy app to use filled with non-focused, poor quality photos by amateurs (as you can tell I am a true photographer always critiquing work!)  However, what I’ve discovered, like most social media apps, there are some really good shots on Instagram, as it allows you to expand your creativity and opens a photographer up to a whole new audience.  While reading DPS (Digital Photography School) recently, there was a post about how Instagram was going to impact photography.  It caught my attention because I wanted to have a reason to use it more often.   Here is what one guest contributor had to say about Instagram: “Instagram led to a very interesting phenomenon that could possibly change the world of photography from one end to another. Almost suddenly people who seldom took pictures of their daily life encounters, began to photograph the world around them on a daily basis, increasing and discovering a love for photography. Some have gone even further and consequently decided to study photography.”  What I once thought to be just another Facebook acquisition actually may have some value.  I’ll have to get more involved there and not just use it to whore my Avon business offers to users.  Instagram has more value than that.  If used properly, it can position a brand firmly in the mind’s eye because pictures and graphics last longer in the memory than words do, and a brand could quickly assert themselves as being cool or even hip.  I’m sure many brands are torn between using Instagram or Pinterest, only because they haven’t figured out which one will give them more brand equity.  For me, I like Instagram for perceived closeness to real people, while I am also on Pinterest, I use it mainly to educate and nothing more.

If any of you are on Instagram, I’m @teasastips, look me up, I promise I’ll do better in the future with my photos!

Source: Digital Photography School, Instagram and its impact on the world of photography retrieved from  http://digital-photography-school.com/instagram-and-its-impact-on-the-world-of-photography#ixzz2ZiL7swbZ