black and white photography

B&W shot I took one night while lying on my sofa. Shot with Canon 60D at 1/400 second, f7.1, ISO320



If you are to believe the naysayers, they will tell you photography is a dying industry.  With apps like Flickr, Instagram, Google+, Facebook and more, who really needs a real photographer when you have an iPhone or other smartphone.  However, humans like pictures and graphics, we always will, anything that is pretty or is appealing to our eyes will get our attention, and a good photographer tries to do that with every shot taken.  What social media has done to the photo industry is made it more accessible, and given it wings to soar to places it could not have gone in the hands in purists like me.

Take Instagram for example, it allows anyone with a camera phone an opportunity to become a sports photographer, a news photographer or just a day in the life photographer taking pictures of a bottle of steak sauce on a restaurant table.  The simplicity of this app and its ease of use take the guess work out of bad shots.  Even though you can find numerous bad shots that will make any photographer cringe, social media gives everyone an opportunity to shine.  Suppose you’re a home remodeler, here is a chance to showcase your work from beginning to end of a project.  Here is what Window and Door had to say about embracing social media activities: “For home remodelers, social media represents an opportunity to connect with those customers through strong and compelling words and visuals while educating them on everything a business has to offer,” (2013.)  Brands have learned that using social media to show what they do and how good they are at doing it is a great way to attract new business.  This is a win-win situation for both brands and photographers.  Photographers have another source to get work by walking into a small business (real estate offices are my favorites) and offering to shoot properties for them.  Most real estate agencies get excited when a real life photographer shows up to take photos for them, because sometimes with the use of websites a photo may be all they have to tell the story of that property, and they may not get another chance at it.  First impressions are lasting impressions.  However, staying on top of the ever changing social media industry can be daunting.

“These days, so many homeowners turn to the Internet and their social networks to find everything from design inspiration to business reviews before choosing a contractor. With that in mind, many in our industry have learned that establishing a successful social media strategy means much more than creating a Facebook page or Twitter handle and posting the first thing that comes to mind. We’ve also learned that staying current on this ever-evolving medium can feel like an overwhelming task,” (Window and Door 2013.)

Photographers were looking for more ways to make money while business owners are always looking for ways to enhance their presence, increase market share and of course, make more money.  What better strategy than to have a secret weapon like a professional photographer who will take photos and make their properties ‘pop’ when potential buyers are looking for it?  This is an untapped opportunity that many photographers have not discovered, and it is one that I am taking advantage of in the St Louis area.


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