Since these days anyone with a smartphone is a photographer, there are some really cool photoblogging platforms available. Particularly if your motivation is just to showcase your own photos there are some options for all budding photographers and experienced ones as well.

My friends call me the queen of free, that is, I can find ways to promote on the internet without paying for it. That’s why Google’s Blogger platform comes to mind when I think of free web-based blogging platforms. WordPress and Tumblr are also good platforms, with Tumblr being “ultra-social,” WordPress is “highly customizable” and Blogger “has a fast and painless set-up.”


Some keys to successful photoblogging?

Post frequently.  To develop a following or fan base, you have to keep your content in front of eyes that are looking for you.  It’s nothing like visiting your favorite blog only to discover the last post was in 2012.  Also, resize photos to the same dimension if possible and “avoid posts of other media: video, text and audio. This not only changes the look and user experience, but can take away from your blog’s narrative.”

Be sociable!Chess ground level

You may want to consider making your comments easy to access and share. Some photobloggers integrate a Facebook style comment section that resembles Facebook (you can get the HTML for this widget from the Facebook developer section)

Reach out to fellow photobloggers and create a blog roll where the links to their blogs appear on your blog. Not only does this give an online shout out to the photoblogs you admire, if those blogs have good page ranking from Google, then the Google Gods will bless your blog with a thumbs up for relevancy and increase your Page Rank. Google Page Rank is a 1-10 with 10 being the highest and most credible (think

Most importantly pay attention to how your content (photos) impact the traffic your blog receives. If you take photos of flowers and post them on your blog and suddenly those posts get lots of Retweets, shares, etc. take that into consideration that your audience loves flower pictures and you should go out and take as many flower photos as you can to keep your audience happy! Beautiful red flower