saxophone, saxophone on the wallA social media loving, coffee drinking, photographer who looks at life through a lens.

I’ve been shooting for over 20 years, starting with film and learning to develop it.  When digital first came along, I was one of those serious about their craft photographers who thought it wouldn’t last, so I was late getting on the bus so to speak.  However, since discovering my first digital camera (Canon Powershot)–I’ve fallen in love with what is now a natural progression.  Because I started shooting with film, I see every shot in my minds’ eye before I shoot it.  Whenever I walk into a room, it’s a potential photo.  Going 60 miles a second, my mind automatically computes light, color saturation, speed of the light hitting the lens opening, etc.  It’s natural, I know where shadows will fall in a room with incandescent light or fluorescent light.  So, while you’re talking to me, one part of my attention is on your conversation, the other is on the photo in my mind.

Thank you for reading my blog, comments, likes, shares, etc. are always welcome.  And if you’re a fellow photographer, please by all means give me some feedback so I can get better.  Rodan, the thinker