Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest and Picassa Web Albums by Google are all apps available for use to photographers.  Picassa does not enjoy the same popularity and level of usage that the other three apps do because Google has not merged this platform with Google+ (if they do, with the level of photo editing a photographer can do, it would be fantastic!)  Because Google has not implemented such a function, there is currently no way to measure the success or popularity of photos posted on the site.  I discovered today that my Picassa Web Album photos do not all appear in Google+, which is unfortunate.  You must ‘share’ your photos to G+, and as of this writing, G+ is the only social media website you may share your Picassa photos on, this could be one reason many photographers do not use it as much.   However, I felt the need to add Picassa to this discussion because of the potential the app has and is not being used.

On the other hand, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest all have analytics information that is accessible to photographers.  With Pinterest, there is a formula that helps determine if photos are popular.  That formula is:


(Where M/M = month over month)*

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“By visiting the analytics dashboard on your Pinterest account, you can learn the following information: The daily average of the number of pins from your website as well as the average number of people who pin. The daily average number of pins that are taken from your website and repinned on Pinterest as well as the average number of people that choose to repin these pinsThe daily average number of times that your business’s pins appear in Pinterest’s main feed. The daily average number of people that were exposed to your pins on PinterestThe average number of people that were directed to your website from clicking on a Pinterest pin,” (Digital Sherpa)


Flickr is limited in its analytics because it does not show traffic outside of the Flickr community.  Even though I have a Flickr widget on my blog, that traffic does not register within the Flickr analytic measurement tool.  This app shows recent activity, such as who wants you to join a relevant photo group, or who liked your photos, however as I stated before it is limited to the Flickr community.  This is such a likable and golden gem of an app; however, it shoots itself in the foot by not ‘playing’ on a measurable analytic level with other social media platforms.  However, according to Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection, “The single greatest tool for garnering attention on Flickr is to have your photos appear in the “Explore” section of Flickr’s interestingness stream. Interestingness is a secret sauce formula algorithm on Flickr whereby they post what their algorithm says are the 500 most interesting photos on Flickr each day to their Explore section. The higher the rank, the more people see it. Despite the top secretness formula of interestingness, it is really not that complicated to understand in broad terms. Your photos are deemed interesting when they have activity. When people tag your photos, comment on your photos, view your photos, leave notes on your photos, and especially when they favorite your photos you increase your interestingness rank.”


Since Instagram seems to be the flavor of the moment, and everyone wants to use it, I’ve discovered that this app is about building relationships. It has an up close and personal feel, and you are able to view at any time the number of likes, shares and new followers.  Simply log in to your account and at the bottom of your page, look at the heart shaped icon and click on it. What is phenomenal about Instagram is you cannot add or upload photos from a desktop!  It is strictly mobile (tablet and smartphone.)  Most of my best photos are on my external hard drive, so many times if I want to share those, I have to email them to myself and download them to my memory card in my phone or tablet.

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As you can see, I’m active on all three of these social media apps because it is just another way to get my work in front of people. I have gotten assignments from my work on Flickr (my photos were seen on the Discovery Channel-Storm Chasers, CNN, and Schmap) because of my activity on this site.   Lately, I’ve been getting photo jobs from my Facebook posts as well.  As a result of a wedding I just shot, I will be shooting a retirement celebration of a pastor at a church (in video) this weekend.  Photography is a love of mine, I don’t just buy camera equipment because I can, I buy them based on need, and the potential for enhancing my skills.  I hope you enjoy my work!

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